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Civil War Harper's Weekly, June 8, 1861

This newspaper has a number of interesting articles and illustrations. The cover shows a nice example of Zouaves, and their uniforms and equipment. There is also a nice Winslow Homer illustration of the Long Bridge over the Potomac. Several different soldiers from New York are profiled.

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Colonel Ellsworth

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Locust Point

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The Long Bridge Over the Potomac

Colonel Vosburgh

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Sherman's Artillery

Sherman's Artillery

The Garibaldi Zouaves

The Garibaldi Zouaves

Sickles's brigade

General Sickles's Brigade

Jeff Davis Cartoon

Jefferson Davis Cartoon


Map of the Seat of War



VOL. V—No. 232.]




Entered according to Act of Congress, in the Year 1861, by Harper & Brothers, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the Southern District of New York.



OLD VETERAN of threescore years and ten, Hero of battles fought on Southern plains—Like a tried charger fretting in the reins, Thou comest to thy noble work again! Gray-haired and scarred—inured to hardy toil, With eye and brain clear as the eagle's are, Now, once again, on thine own country's soil, Thou lead'st thy country's legions to the war—The war for God! for Right! for Liberty! Thou art the idol of the people's heart ; We love thee—trust thee—hero as thou art, end to the very end we'll follow thee.

We shall be Conquerors.' and thy proud name shall rise, In one full ringing shout of triumph to the skie.


WE publish herewith a fine picture of COLONEL DURYEE'S ZOUAVES, one of the new Volunteer Regiments raised in this city, and without doubt one of the most brilliant and best drilled regiments in the service. They embarked for Fortress Monroe last week, after spending a month in severe drill at Fort Schuyler, on the East River. We herewith supply a list of the officers of the Advance Guard :

Field Officers—Colonel, Abram Duryee ; Lieutenant-Colonel, G. K. Warren ; Major, I. M. Davies. Staff Officers—Quarter-master, J. H. Wells ; Adjutant, J. E. Hamblin; Surgeon, R. G. Gilbert; Surgeon's Mate, B. E. Martin; Chaplain, Rev. G. Winslow. Non-commissioned Staff—Sergeant-Major, John Collins ; Quarter-master-Sergeant, C. L.

Isaacs. Company A—Captain, H. D. Hull ; Lieutenant, W. P. Partridge; Ensign, . Company B—Captain, R. S. Dumont ; Lieutenant, G. Carr; Ensign, T. S. Dumont. Company C—Captain, H. E. Davis, Jun. ; Lieutenant, J. F. Evans; Ensign, C. H. Seaman. Company D—Captain, James P. Waugh ; Lieutenant, W. F. Lewis; Ensign, J. A. Cochrane. Company E—Captain, H. Duryee ; Lieutenant, George Duryee ; Ensign, H. H. Burnett. Company F—Captain, H. A. Swartout; Lieutenant, O. Wetmore, Jun. ; Ensign, C. Boyd. Company G—Captain, A. Denike; Lieutenant, J. Duryee ; Ensign, J. Bradley. Company H—Captain, J. Kilpatrick; Lieutenant, C. Cambrelling ; Ensign, Jas. Miller. Company I—Captain, Chas. G. Bartlett; Lieutenant, J. S. York; Ensign, J. H. Whitney. Company K—Captain, C.

Winslow ; Lieutenant, W. H. Hoyt ; Ensign, Wm. Ferguson.

A letter from Fort Monroe thus describes their arrival at that point : "At an early hour the steamer Alabama, with the New York Zouaves, Colonel Duryee, came to an anchor in the Roads, and was received by rousing cheers from the crew of the Minnesota, who had manned the yards to greet the new arrival. The Minnesota and the other ships in the harbor dipped their flags, which was acknowledged by a like proceeding on the Alabama, with loud cheers and tigers from the New York boys, and music by the band. " After the officers had come ashore to report their arrival and receive instructions as to their camp-ground, they returned, and in a short time the steamtug Yankee ran alongside of the steamer and transferred the regiment to the shore, landing them near the camp of the Second New York Volunteers, which is on the main land, a mile and a half from the fort. Colonel Duryee's Zouaves were under arms twice within an hour after their landing."


New York Zouaves

We acquired this leaf for the purpose of digitally preserving it for your research and enjoyment.  If you would like to acquire the original 140+ year old Harper's Weekly leaf we used to create this page, it is available for a price of $165.  Your purchase allows us to continue to archive more original material. For more information, contact paul@sonofthesouth.net



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